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Daily life is routines.


It is hectic, often jumping from one task to another, getting kids off to school, rushing off to work all day.

Vacation, on the other hand, is relaxation, an opportunity to drop everything for fun and freedom. 

Travel is an outstanding way to make lifelong memories, to experience bucket list worthy of travel, and to have unforgettable, even life changing experiences. It's a chance to forget about work.


The problem is that it can be expensive. There are ways to reduce costs, but they may not always be obvious.


If you're like many stay-at-home moms, looking to reduce travel costs for your family, or you're looking for a business opportunity, I have one for you.


I'm Christiana Itie, and my passion is helping others to embrace their travel dreams and build their own businesses, sometimes at the same time!


I do this with a travel club I am part of. It is a unique opportunity to travel at extremely discounted prices. It also offers opportunities to grow a business too.

A travel club can help to reduce costs and stress for members, offering wholesale prices for luxury travel, and taking care of all the details before you even begin your vacation.


It can also be the perfect opportunity for a stay-at-home mom, or those who are looking to create their own business.

Are you looking for travel opportunities that everyone in your family will enjoy?


Does the price sometimes hold you back?

There is a solution out there, and it is a simple one.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, I invite you to be open to it, and to enter your email address to check out this great travel opportunity!


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