5 Tricks to Get Cheaper Flights this Summer

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Airlines hike up their prices during summer vacation, but here are 5 tricks to get a cheaper summer flight!

It is sad when you have to tell your family that there will be no summer vacation trip this year because flights are just too expensive.  Don’t give up!  Instead, use these 5 tricks to find and book a cheaper flight for the whole family this summer.

1. Clear your search history or open a new private window when searching for deals

Airlines and travel websites can use your search history against you in the way that if they see you’ve been searching a particular flight quite frequently, then the flight prices will change to reflect your heightened interest and increase as well.

The way you clear your search history, also known as “cookies,” on Chrome is by clicking the menu button on the toolbar, click “Settings,” and click “Show Advanced Settings.” Then find the “Privacy” section, click “Content Settings,” then find the “Cookies” section, and click “Delete Cookies.”  Did you follow all of that?  Sorry, it was a lot! It is a similar process on all the other browsers too.

This is a MUST!  Do this first thing when you start searching for flights.

2. Use Skyscanner Price Alerts

Skyscanner Price Alerts allow you to keep an eye on your desired flight and they let you know when there is any sort of price change.  The Price Alerts are a free feature and well worth the email notifications!  The way you sign up for these Price Alerts is by clicking “Get Price Alerts” and entering your email when you search a particular flight. Skyscanner is a great resource and I highly recommend it.

3. Book flights ahead of time

It is hard to say exactly when the best time to book your flight is.  Obviously, we know that buying a flight last minute is the worst and most expensive option.  But the real question is, how many days before should you book your flight?  Studies show that around 54 days before your departure date is when the price will be the lowest. If you miss that mark, just know that between 105 and 21 days, your flight will be the cheapest. So mark your calendar, do your research, and try to buy your ticket in that time range!

TIP: Book on a Sunday to save some cents.

Check out this Cheapair map, depicting how many days in advance to book your ticket based on the destination. For example, studies show if you’d like to travel to Europe, book your flight 120 days in advance.

4. Travel on the right day

Airfarewatchdog, a fare tracker site, noted that the best days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday if you want to save some money. If those days don’t work for you, the next cheapest days are Thursday and Saturday.  Note: Friday is the most expensive day to fly.

Read up on this article by CheapAir about Summer 2017: Cheapest Days to Fly for more information on the right day to fly.

5. Choose your destination wisely

Be smart when choosing the destination you’d like you and your family to travel to this summer.  If you’re on a budget don’t choose a destination that you won’t be able to afford.  Some of the more expensive destinations are Helsinki, Finland, Sydney, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan.  So maybe don’t put these places on your itinerary.

Instead, choose a place that may have a weaker currency than yours so that your money goes farther.  Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia are so cheap, allowing you to do and eat whatever you and your family want! TripAdvisor is a great reference to research different destinations, more information, deals, and other traveling perks.

I hope these 5 tricks help you land the cheapest flights this summer, so that you can take your family on a fun trip!  Just know that there are ways around the system and if you do your research and stay on it that you will be able to buy significantly cheaper flights!

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